The Eli Manning Era Has Come To An End

BREAKING NEWS—- The Giants still suck! With all the crazy outcomes this 2017 season where the predicted Super Bowl champs Eagles lose big on Sunday night and the red hot Chiefs lose 6 straight, one thing remains the same, the Giants joke of a football organization.  

These blogs seem to be getting kinda old right? We all know what we’re getting from the Giants this season but I want to throw in my 2 cents on the whole Eli benching issue. I also want to just talk about Geno and his new issues with Rex Ryan because who doesn’t love to just shit talk Rex Ryan? Now earlier last week McAdouche, er sorry McAdoo, made his biggest boneheaded decision of the 2017 campaign by benching Eli. Im aware I talked about this whole debacle in my last blog but everyone does know how ridiculous this is right? As last week progressed it continued to show that the entire Giants organization is just a huge mess. There’s more questions than answers at this point. Will Eli stay next season? Will McAdoo survive the season? Who is the starter going forward? Geno or Webb? I seriously don’t know the answer to any of these questions. literally anything can happen at this point in the season.

However a new developing story shows the different side to this whole benching situation, and that’s the side of Geno.  I’ve seen a couple news reports that prior to the Giants game on Sunday in Oakland Geno watched some pregame shows where his former Jets coach Rex Ryan basically said he didn’t want to see Geno start in New York. Everybody hates Rex Ryan and that’s just a fact. He was a bad coach, he’s a horrible sports analyst, some go as far to say he’s just a bad guy in general. However the point i’m trying to make is whether Geno is honestly much better? I took two things from this: 1. Why is Geno watching pregame shows on gameday? Who does that? You’re about to go play football and for him specifically his first start for another NFL team. He gets named starter and he wants to watch pregame shows to see who shit talks him. News flash Geno, everybody shit talks you. 2. Why does he care so much? Look Rex Ryan is the definition of an as but god forbid he believes that a 2x Super Bowl champion quarterback with 210 consecutive starts under his belt is better than a burnout who got punched in the locker room. Now on the other side of things, Geno is somewhat right in his outburst. This isn’t the first time that Ryan has openly criticized his former qbs. For god sakes I couldn’t believe what he said about Mark Sanchez. In case you were wondering, he said Sanchez “wasn’t going to be quarterback, but I thought he’d be good enough to win.”  Of course Rex, who would possibly think that trading your first and second round picks to draft him 5th overall would mean he’s a franchise qb? This guy’s an airhead.

Well, looking forward it looks like the Giants are indeed embracing the tank. They’re looking to draft an early first round pick which could possibly be a new franchise qb. It’s safe to say now that the Eli Manning era is over, my childhood goofball of a qb is no longer the man in New York. There’s only one way to look and that’s forward. I mean we still have Odell, Shepard, and a pretty decent defense as long as they show up to play on Sundays. Giants fans can only hope that the next qb in the big blue is one for the future, and also hope to god it isn’t Geno.

Author: Sups

Photo: CNN

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