The Jimmy Garoppolo Era Has Begun And I’m Already Heartbroken

Whoever doubted the world’s second most ruggedly handsome quarterback’s ability is buffoon and I will not stand for it. Jimmy had a solid first performance for an offense he’s only had a few weeks to learn. In an action-packed edge of the seat contest, the 49ers edged out the Bears 15-14. The Greek God threw for a respectable 293 yards on 26/37, albeit the interception he tossed up. Even the takeaway was on a gorgeous throw from the Adonis that was ripped from Murphy’s hands. He put together a game-winning drive in the final four minutes, and even had this SanFran team converting on fourth downs. For all you prop betters a few weird stats include Jimmy being five for ten on third down conversions of over eight yards, as well as Jimbo leading his team to an astounding five red zone field goals. The stat line doesn’t do justice to his performance, this was the first time in years I saw this 49ers team move the ball through the air with confidence and their whole fanbase should be ecstatic. I don’t think it’s too much to say that he will win this team thousands of games in the future.

On a more personal note I am in a state of complete and total despair. Watching my backup quarterback of better days slinging the ball to a small white receiver over and over was everything I ever wanted for a Patriots/Garoppolo marriage. He looked incredible out there, and he even played well too. Long live JimmyG, and may all of New England pour one out for the one’s we lost too soon.

Author: Woody

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