Bill Belichick Giving Reporters Proverbial Noogies Will Never Not Be Funny

There is nothing more erotic for a Patriots diehard than watching a reporter ask Belichick a dumb question. As soon as I hear it and see his face scowl in disgust, mine lights up like a kid on Christmas morning. Today reporter Mike Giardi of NBC Sports Boston asked the kind of question that would work for the masses of coaches, but probably not our Billy. Giardi asked “With all you have accomplished in your coaching career, what is left that you’d still like to accomplish?” Okay let’s hop in the film room and break down the question before I give you the coaches response.

  • No matter how many beat reporters and media schmucks make the mistake they’ll never learn, you simply never ask Belichick about his success and accomplishments. That is rule one.
  • Never ask Bill anything open ended, if you give him a broad question you’re getting an oddly specific but completely unrelated answer back. It’s a tale as old as myself and I should really be advising media members at this point.

Now what was the Sith Lord’s response? “I’d like to go out there and have a good practice today,” Belichick continued, “That would be at the top of the list right now. ” Good heavens do I love this man with all my heart. Poor old Giardi was just trying to get a headline grabbing answer for all of his retirement home readers, and ol’ Billy The Kid absolutely annihilated him. The humor and enjoyment I find in this nearly elderly man simply communicating with other humans will never be matched by another soul. He lives for football and can’t even muster up the ability to speak about himself for one second. What a hero.

Belichick GIF.gif

GIF from Total Pro Sports

Have a good Wednesday folks and remember, we’re on to Cincinnati.

Author: Woody

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