Draft Fuck Up of the Week

This week for Draft Fuck Up of the Week, I feel bad but I’m going to talk about another mistake by the Oakland Raiders. I feel back picking on some decisions made by the dead, but it is just so easy. Sorry Al Davis. RIP.

I want to look back at the 2000 NFL Draft. This was a big one for a number of reasons, especially when we Patriot fans were blessed from, in the words of Robert Kraft, the “skinny beam pole of a young man” who said he would be “the best decision this franchise has ever made. But I digress. This is the story of when the Raiders picked Sebastian Janikowski with the 17th pick in the draft. It definitely worked out as the future Hall of Famer is still nailing field goals in Oakland.

I don’t know, maybe I’m crazy. But something in my gut tells me that MAYBE Janikowski, being a kicker, probably would have been available in a later round? Maybe? They could have snagged Janikowski in the second round and used that first round pick on maybe a running back. They had Rich Gannon and Tim Brown at wide out along with Jerry Rice which made a great passing game. To compliment that nicely, the Raiders could have used a good running game, like Alabama RB and future league MVP Shaun Alexander. Yeah he’s not a HOFer but Alexander would have been a help in Super Bowl 37 and possibly made the Raiders an offense to be reckoned with for like, 5 years until Jamarcus Russell.

With getting Shaun Alexander, Sebastian Janikowski, and Shane Lechler in one draft would have been a great draft, something not usually happens with the Raiders. But no Al, take a kicker in the first round.

Image from NFL.com

Author: Dougy

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