Taking our Talents to Coaching

The coaching carousel just seems to be heating up in both college and the NFL. Tennessee keeps looking for their next head coach and this is the time in the NFL when you see which coaching vacancies seem to take shape. The one vacancy that we all know about the well documented Giants vacancy that has been talked about a lot by us. While the Gmen have been used as a punchline by us, we’d like to send out a sign of peace and attempt to help the New York football Giants, and any other team in need of a coach for that matter, and officially alert everyone that we are open to offers for head coaching gigs.

Now surprisingly, our one colleague who has been the heartbeat of Giants fans everywhere has decided not to make a resume because it’s “A lot of work” and “I’m watching Archer” and “I don’t wanna do it”. Damn Millennial. Never using that temp agency again. So as usual your Boston Boys are showing more passion than the New Yorker bum. Dougy and Woody are open for hire. Here are the game-changing resumes coming your way.




You’re welcome. We will also be sending these to each team as a resume so you can bet your ass WHEN we see responses and offers from coaches you will be the first to know.

Image from footballblueprint.com

Author: Dougy

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