Who Knew The U Loves Booze

Can I just say this is the type of hard ass football I miss. Some old fashioned take a shot of hennessy and let’s go take someone’s head off football. Former Redskin RB Clinton Portis has come out saying that before games, himself, Santana Moss, and the late Sean Taylor (RIP) would take a shot of hennessy before each game for a little adrenaline rush. Baller move. But what I particularly love is the fact that Sean Taylor would do it. Perhaps the hardest hitting safety of all time took a shot of henny before going out of taking people’s heads off is iconic and helps Sean Taylor climb my favorite player of all time list. Damn.

Secondly, all 3 players who took part in this ritual were from the U, the most baller college football spot in the nation. You know these guys were doing coke off a prostitutes ass before games there. And high end ones at that, not the ones who would stab you the minute you roll your window down. But in all seriousness if I didn’t know what college these guys were from the news about the shots before the game should be a clear sign these guys went to Miami. I’m glad this news broke because it reminds me of a time when playing football, particularly at the safety position, was simply a baller move. RIP Sean Taylor and RIP to the real ball players like Clinton Portis and Santana Moss.

Image from pintrest.com

Author: Dougy

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