Injuries Are Flooding Houston; Texans Are Drowning In Sorrow

Hasn’t the city of Houston been through enough in the last few months? After all of the devastation they saw, football and firearms were what the city turned to for a welcome distraction. The poor Astros win a damn World Series and the city gave them a pity congratulations, baseball’s cool and all but Texas bleeds turf and pylons. No one knew quite how to feel about this years Houston Texans heading into the season. With a loaded defense and a few studs on the offensive side, the raw talent was there. The biggest question mark to the team’s success was under-center. Deshaun Watson or Tom Savage? The question seemed to have an easy answer, after a few quarters the team had seen enough of Tommy and threw in the rookie. After a few fantastic starts it seemed the team had the surefire ROTY slinging the ball and the defense had exceeded expectations. Nothing could stop this team seemingly, until they caught the plague of the NFL.

Nothing kills a fan’s dreams more than injuries; I don’t care if it’s the third string linebacker or starting QB; watching a player get carried off the field in your colors sucks the life right out of you. Sadly Houston has had their fair share of that this season. Let me run you down just how many players have taken a front row seat on the sidelines for this cursed organization.


Image from Sports Illustrated 

  • Starting QB: Deshaun Watson was the promise of this team. Absolute devastation when he went down for the year.
  • Second and Third String RB: Lamar Miller was always the star, but this team went into the season with one of the most dangerous backfield’s in football. D’Onta Foreman looked great as a rookie but a torn achilles has the league questioning if he’ll play again. Also some pass-catcher Tyler Ervin also was hurt.
  • First and Second String Tight Ends: CJ Fiedorowicz has a million concussions and Ryan Griffin was also hurt.
  • Both Starting Tackles: First you lose your RB depth and now the guys opening the holes. Sad.
  • Literally Every Wide Receiver Not Named Deandre Hopkins: Who in the world does this team throw to at this point? Will Fuller V hasn’t played in three weeks, Bruce Ellington has been out for a while, and all the depth washed away over the course off the year. Good lord. Hopkins is a top five pass catcher in the game but he can only do so much.
  • Both Starting DE’s: JJ Watt is now officially only holding one of two things at the end of every season; A DPOY trophy or a flashy pair of crutches and there’s no in between. He’s so large but so fragile, absolutely wild. Also Whitney Mercilus is out for the season, as well as JJ Watt’s backup Christian Covington.
  • Also many, many more minor injuries.

Can someone please fire the head trainer please? Maybe all of his interns as well? If you give me a box of Band Aids and a stethoscope I may be of more assistance to this godforsaken roster. Maybe the Red Cross can help relieve the struggles of some other Texans this year. This is mayhem and I honestly feel bad. Pray for Houston, and honestly pray for Deshaun Watson. He’s so fun to watch and has a very bright future ahead. On that note, Woody out. Yee haw.

Quick shoutout to Reddit user /u/HiddinPlainsite for the list.

Author: Woody

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