Jealous of the Attention Eli’s Getting, Peyton Retakes the Spotlight

On Tuesday, the College Football Hall of Fame inducted new members. Some notable ones were Matt Leinart, Brian Urlacher, Marshall Faulk, Steve Spurrier and of course the Sheriff, Peyton Manning. And per usual, Peyton couldn’t get out of the fucking spotlight, giving the only speech at the ceremonies, “speaker for the class”.

I know it must seem like I hate Peyton, especially in my last blog about his shitty statue. But I promise I do not. I have so much respect for Peyton on the field. I loved his work ethic and loved him as a Volunteer. I always respected and enjoyed his chess matches with Tom Brady. He’s a guy I hope to share a beer with one day, and would be one of the three football players I’d bring to a golf course as a foursome. But come on, turn down a chance to do an interview or a speech once in awhile

I’m not saying it wasn’t a good speech. Another one of his many great qualities is Peyton’s ability to give a killer speech. He did all the right things in the speech. He thanked and honored his dad, who looked too much like Chancellor Palpatine from Star Wars from the side on Tuesday.


He also had a cute little joke with Steve Spurrier and Spurrier’s 228 career wins. “I wish you had 4 less” hahahahahahahah yes Peyton, great dad joke. Wish I could have seen that one coming.

I don’t know I just wish I heard everyone else say a few words. Like I would have loved to hear from Matt Leinart! What a guy. He’s a lefty like me, so he and I share that lefty swagger. But Peyton mentioned how Matt’s mom passed away right after he told her how he would be inducted into the hall. Would’ve been a touching speech if Leinart delivered it. But no, Peyton in a way stole that moment from Matt. Real classy Payton.

Let me tell you, you know the Sheriff will have a SPECIAL speech planned for his night in Canton. I’m putting money on the fact that it will break the longest speech record. It’ll be a great one, but Jesus it will be cringey.

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Author: Dougy

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