Coach Taylor and the Bears onto the Offseason

Well season 1 is in  the books for coach Taylor and the Chicago Bears. Suprisingly Da Bears came in 2nd in the NFC north at 7-9 while the Lions took the division crown at 12-4. While I was happy with the over achieving Bears, it blows because I’ll have a middle of the road draft spot yet had no run to the playoffs. It sucks but hey, Coach Taylor is a football guy and will grind it out and find a team of competitors.

Jordan Howard came third in the rushing title this year with 1,347 rush yards, only behind Devonta Freeman and Todd Gurley. Trubisky was average in his freshmen year, almost 3,000 yards and 18 TDs. That’s some Matt Saracen numbers right there. And hey, if Trubisky is just like Matt Saracen, Coach Taylor will be happy.

Now we’re onto the offseason, Tami will have to hold off on seeing Eric as he’s already preparing for next season. Taylor’s got a wish list and it starts at O-line, specifically left tackle where the team is at their weakest. That’s number one priority right before wide receiver. All these overpaid divas don’t respect having the coach they have so they refused to resign so coach Taylor is looking for some middle of the road wideouts who can get the job done in this run heavy offense.

Along with bulking up the line, the Bears DESPERATELY need a pass rusher, if you’re gonna win in this league, it starts with a decent pass rush. We need a big time pass rusher either in the draft or free agency and get someone who can dominate an o-line. Taylor would like a second RB so Howard isn’t carrying the load, but Taylor won’t push it as he knows he’s no negotiator, he is a football coach.

We’ll see how this goes and I don’t want to get ahead of myself but I think Coach Taylor and the Bears can really make a jump next season, look out NFC north, the Bears are back.

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