The Yankees Are Now The Galactic Empire Of Baseball

In a Galaxy far far away……..  Emperor Brian Cashman makes a deal with the outer rim planet of Miami for the most feared sith lord in the galaxy Giancarlo Stanton. Don’t you think this could pass as the plot to one of the Star Wars original trilogies? If I had to set it all up, the entire Yankees team would be the Galactic Empire with Aaron Judge playing Darth Vader, Brian Cashman is the Emperor, Gary Sanchez is Grand Moff Tarkin, and Stanton is the new apprentice that can defeat the Rebel scum (The Red Sox). In this Star Wars the Empire literally destroys the uprising and wins the division and the World Series easily. Well, at least I hope so. I’ve had my sports heart broken several times. Not necessarily by the Yankees but it can never be this easy.

So yeah I’m sure everybody knows that the Yankees made a deal with the Marlins yesterday to trade Stanton to the Yanks for Starlin Castro and some single A prospects. If you haven’t heard then surprise!Now I honestly didn’t really believe this at first, It’s like getting something awesome on Christmas that you never really asked for. For example the dad in the car commercials that asks only for his family’s love and then on Christmas morning sees a Mustang sitting in his driveway. The Yankees asked for maybe another slid bat to throw in the middle of the lineup and found last year’s NL MVP and home run leader in their dugout. All I hear from Red Sox nation is up in arms yelling, “You don’t even need him!” Well we kinda need him to not choke in the playoffs again. We don’t want to just win the division just to lose in the first round (ouch). Just beginning to think of this line up gives me wet dreams. Gardner (who has enough pop to hit 15 homers), Judge, Sanchez, Stanton, Didi, Bird. I can’t even make it all the way through. The Yankees are no longer like that underdog team anymore. Honestly last year’s Yankees team might have been the least “Bronx Bombers” team I’ve ever seen make the playoffs. They’re no longer resilient team that can’t overcome deficits, they’re the big bad bombers who destroy any team in their way. They’re the Golden State Warriors of baseball, or i should say the Warriors are the Yankees of Basketball. It is REALLY early to start predicting the World series when its like 10 months away, but you can’t blame me for the hype. The question is, where will be the Yankees weakness this year?  Where’s the exhaust port on the Yankees Death Star? Its in question because I don’t really see one. The Yankees rotation looks strong with Severino coming off a career year and Tanaka still grinding with more strong arms on the staff. The bullpen looks lights out if they could go back to when the end of the bullpen was the most clutch in baseball. Forget about the lineup, it’s absolutely flawless. The fielding will hold its own however they arrange the outfield. Who’s gonna test the arms of Judge or Stanton? That’s like going 1v1 against a sith lord with a blaster pistol.

Baseball is far from being in action but it’s really the only thing I can look forward too considering the Giants season right now. Hockey’s back but the Bruins are all over the place. For basketball we all know the Warriors and Cavs are playing for the championship again regardless of how well the Celtics are playing. The Bronx Bombers are back baby! Baseball is really the only thing on my mind, that and the new Star Wars movie.

Author: Sups

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