AQBOW: Matt Leinart

For this week’s AQBOW, I decided I would do my guy Matt Leinart. I know, a lot of people will be calling him a bust more than anything, but this would be the first lefty to make the list, and as a lefty myself, Matt is the man. I also have been hearing a lot of him as he just recently got inducted into the college football Hall of Fame, so congrats to him.

Leinart grew up in Cali and would end up committing to USC, sharing a quarterback room with Carson Palmer and Matt Cassel. He obviously became USC royalty there, winning two National Championships and going to three. Can you imagine being the starting quarterback in Hollywood in the glory days of USC? Can you imagine the chicks that fell into his lap? I hope he wrapped it up, or else he and Magic Johnson would have more than just being beloved L.A athletes in common.

After leaving USC, he was drafted by the Arizona Cardinals and for the most part, served as a backup to Kurt Warner. Kurt was busy revitalizing his career and making a Hall of Famer out of himself, so Leinart didn’t play until much later. After injuries, poor play and some apparent beef with Ken Whisenhunt, Leinart was released.

Can you blame Leinart for the Whisenhunt beef though? I mean this guy just looks like a man who would hate any happy-go-lucky Cali boy with a strong smile and a full head of hair.


Anyway, Leinart backed up future AQBOW Matt Schaub and took over for him after he got injured. Leinart broke his collarbone however, so he couldn’t pull a Kurt Warner and make a HOFer out of himself. After rejoining Carson Palmer and the Raiders and a stint with the Bills, Leinart’s career was over. He’s doing okay though, he is making a ton of money doing what ever failed NFL quarterback does, goes back and becomes a College Football analyst. No matter how shitty his NFL career ended up, Leinart still was an amazing college player and rightfully deserved to be recognized and inducted into the college football Hall of Fame.

(All of this information is gathered either of my oddly broad knowledge of average quarterbacks or

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