The Giants Suck: Whats New?

Giants game recap coming a day late, so I apologize. Im not known for writing articles on a regular basis but the only blog series I consistently write is this one. It’s the end of my first semester and therefore I’m in the library studying nonstop (wink wink). Anyway this one is gonna be quick and clean, the Giants played miserably this weekend.

Coming off a week where the idiot head coach has been fired, the spineless GM is gone, Eli is back at starting qb, and Steve Spags takes over as head coach, you’d think the Giants would come out with some fire under their ass against the divisional rival Dallas Cowboys. Everybody was fooled, especially me. I guess I can’t really say fooled though, It was classic Giants bullshit on Sunday. No offense, No defense, and just horrible playcalls left and right. The moment I knew that the Giants would lose the game came in the first half when they got to the redzone and ran 3 straight draws up the middle. I’ve learned the main reason the Giants lose games this season is the time of possession. The time of possession wasn’t even close on Sunday, it happens every week. The Giants make stupid play calls and go three and out more more times than the Yankees will go deep next season (Sorry still amped about the Yankees can’t help it). They go three and out and give almost half of the game time to the opposing teams offense and by the 4th quarter, the Giants defense is shot and couldn’t stop a pee wee team.

Now this just leaves more questions at qb. The question is to throw Davis Webb in there to fail or continue to let Eli look like a complete ass out there. Regardless who’s at qb, I know that the Giants will continue to look like the worst team in history this season. Honestly what’s new?

Author: Sups

Photo: Cleat Geeks

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