Holy Shit: Pats Steelers Recap

Holy shit. This was the best game of the year hands down. I have so much that is rattling around in my brain about that game. I think at first I have to apologize as my faith slipped. This year was seeming as it may be the Steelers year to win it all. Their team was stacked, Banged up Big Ben was probably on his last hurrah, Ryan Shazier got hurt, bringing the team closer together, this could be the year for the steel city. But here came the New England fucking Patriots.

I have to say, I understand completely why Tom Brady might be the most hated man in America, and that is being said with Donald Trump our president and Ajit Pai taking away our free internet (porn). This handsome man trots in like a graceful centaur and breaks the will of all who stands in his way. He can’t make it easy, giving me near heart attacks, but he can always pull through.

The Pats defense were lucky though, there’s still a lot of holes in that defense that needs to be fixed before the playoffs because next time we won’t get so lucky from maybe the STUPIDEST play I have ever seen run by the Steelers. On the fake spike play, they had one receiver on a slant play who was covered by half the state of Massachusetts, and Big Ben thought he could fit it in to a nonexistent hole. But hey, even the Pats need help sometimes. Thanks Ben!

Now onto the playoffs, the road to the Super Bowl has to come through Foxburo, and I’m sure Pittsburgh will be there too, and let me tell you, we are fucking ready.

Also I’d like to point out I was half right about the score, got the 24 right.

Author: Dougy

Image from boston.com

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