AQBOW: Rich Gannon

We have our first NFL League  MVP on our AQBOW this Monday: Rich Gannon. The last quarterback to do something good for the Raiders since Ken Stabler. Well, one season of good. The rest was average. Coming out of the University of Delaware like our old buddy Joe Flacco, Gannon was selected in the fourth round by the New England Patriots. They didn’t see this number 12 becoming the GOAT, so they tried to convert him to running back. Gannon knew he was too good for that, and asked to be traded and was sent to the Minnesota Vikings.

Although Gannon was a backup, he did see some time in a playoff game against the Saints, and really had little to no part in thrashing them. Gannon would spend a lot of time fighting for time on the field being demoted to third string multiple times. Gannon was persistent though, he made sure he got to take a knee in a blowout win over the Lions (shocker).

Gannon got a starting job in 1992 and played pretty well in particular against the Washington Redskins. So well in fact that when he again got benched in Minnesota, Washington traded for him the next year. He ended up struggling in Washington and was a backup in Kansas City for a while and then the Raiders came knocking.

He exploded onto the scene with a little help from the most insane, funny, crazy, spider 2Y banana loving Jon Gruden. Before Gruden was hosting his QB camp, he helped Gannon put on a clinic, Winning 2 Pro Bowl MVPs in a row, which sealed the deal for me why he should be honored today. Without Gruden, Gannon led the Raiders to the Super Bowl where they got thrashed by the Gruden led Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Although Gannon maybe single-handedly blew that game, he came out being the first Delaware Blue Hen to start in a Super Bowl (suck it Joe Flacco, congrats Delaware).

After suffering several serious injuries a year later, Gannon retired. Now he is one of those QBs that found himself an easy broadcasting job who doesn’t do much because his name isn’t big enough to be in primetime (Trent Green, Future AQBOW). But hey, we still appreciate guys like him, thank you, Rich.

(All of this information is gathered either of my oddly broad knowledge of average quarterbacks or

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