What Is A Catch?

So the blog has been kinda quiet lately, coming home for the holidays is a handful and haven’t been able to truly get in front of my laptop. Also haven’t really seen anything inspiring to write a blog about, that is until the Steelers vs Pats game on Sunday. That’s right folks, I’m gonna throw in my 2 cents on the Jesse James catch/not catch so buckle up and pats fans prepare to probably get pissed off.

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Let me start by saying I’m not gonna try and be that guy that says the Pats cheat to win games and the game Sunday was just another example of how biased the league is toward Brady and the Pats because that’s not true and I don’t believe that. The call on the field was completely up to the referees and the “crew in New York” nothing to do with either team really. I’m going to also say straight up from the bottom of my heart, Jesse James caught that football. Don’t give me that “survive the ground” shit he caught the football and scored a touchdown. So what if his hands got a little jumbled up as he reached across the goal line?He caught it, brought it in, and reached across the end zone and after it hit the ground is when he “lost possession”. How many times have you seen players reach for the goaline and literally spike the ball into the turf and it’s a touchdown? Cam Newton does it on a regular basis. And this isn’t the first time this has happened in the NFL or this season. Coming from a Giants fan there was a play earlier this season where Sterling Shepard caught a ball in the endzone, got both his feet in bounds, and fell while bringing the ball to his stomach. Shepard fell on the ball and the ball popped out as he hit the ground and was ruled incomplete.

Look I know the rule book probably says all this stuff about maintaining possession through the ground and fine whatever I’d be fine with that if it was called consistently. However it isn’t and the question of “what’s a catch?” continues.

Say what you want, there’s nothing you can do to change my mind. I’ve seen the replay several times and I just cannot see that being anything but a catch. This is the opinion of a New York Giants fan (unfortunately) and you could say I’m more of a Steelers fan than a Patriots fan but I really don’t like either. Sure perhaps I’m biased but I’m telling you if this was reversed and that call was called on Gronk, the entire Northeast would be up in arms right now. So I’m asking all fans, mostly Pats fans, to look deep within themselves and really ask, Do you think that was actually a catch? Because it was, don’t kid yourself.

Author: Sups

Photo: Sporting News, Deadspin, SB Nation Radio

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