Is The South Seceding Again?

The Southerners are officially waving the white flag, possibly even seceding from all the things they love. This revelation has been stewing in my head ever since the NFL has seemingly lost it’s edge in recent years. Although all the “soft” legislation passed into the League’s Constitution has shaken it’s grit’n’grind supporters into a flurry, they haven’t quite given up hope. At least they still have their beloved pastime, a good ole fashioned rodeo right?


Sad Cowboy

Image from Sherdog Forums

While channel surfing during the Celtics halftime a few nights ago, my buddies and I first came across the Women’s Volleyball National Championship between Florida and Nebraska. That absolute ass parade for sure caught the eye, but upon the first commercial the surf continued. Whatever ESPN was showing whichever rodeo handed me my biggest uh-oh moment in years. While watching the rodeo for a brief moment I saw a mustang rider take a big drop, I mean the guy was flung no less than forty yards off the back of that horse. My instinct told me this manhood threatening moment would be mocked for years by our southern brothers, but instead the competition ruled him out for concussion protocol. Immediately after the announcement came the throwing of a damn flag on the dirt, and my heart dropped. First football, now rodeo. While I’m a Massachusetts liberal who doesn’t know all that much about Southern culture these all seem like massive warning signs. Should we be preparing for a protest of cowboys? If so should Ezekiel Elliot be suspended for that too? Only time will tell.

Author: Woody

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