Putting My Foot Down On Mayfield, Other Party Boys Who Think They’re “Ballas”

So after the busy week we had last week as well as watching college football and following the headlines, I’ve decided to take a break from doing Draft Fuck Up of the week and take on a new segment shortly before the college football playoffs start. I’ve sat through watching the rise and fall of Johnny Manziel, at best a punk kid who was able to put on some cool backyard football type of plays. But he was a terrible pro QB that many should have seen coming as even his combine scores were pretty average, but his name hyped him up for the draft. And I feel we are about to see the same thing with Baker Mayfield. I truly think that kid will do nothing in the NFL. But these party boys who are getting compared to guys like Michael Vick really piss me off and I’m sick of seeing these goofy party boys try and be these game changers who think because actual good players that they too looked up to can say whatever they want. I believe they forget just how much work is actually put in in order to become icons. I hate to break it to guys like Baker Mayfield and Johnny Manziel, but you’re not real ballers. Starting every week I’m doing a countdown to the top real ballers of all time, and why idiots like Manziel and Mayfield aren’t going to be like them. I’ll start with number 5: Floyd “Money” Mayweather.


First of all, his nickname is “money” and no he didn’t get it from mommy and daddy or from his college coaches, he beat the shit out of people for it. He’s undefeated and is probably the best boxer of all time. His Instagram stories are full of more strippers than Charlie Sheen could dream of (yeah probably not, who am I kidding?) And he’s throwing money around like it’s no ones business. He also did a 90 day jail sentence for battery domestic violence. [THIS BLOG DOES NOT PROMOTE OR PRAISE FLOYD MAYWEATHER FOR WHAT HE DID AND TAKES A STRONG STANCE AGAINST DOMESTIC VIOLENCE] That being said let’s face it: Floyd Mayweather is definitely an intimidating inmate, he probably just did pull ups all day. I’m not saying Johnny Manziel would have a tough prison time, but I’m saying he’d make a good boyfriend.

Aside from all of that, Mayweather is smart with his money, having multiple businesses going for him. He’s also not 50-0 for a reason, he studies his opponent and is a very intelligent fighter. He didn’t just get given the money willy nilly. And with the businesses, it’s clear he didn’t blow his money on coke like our guy Johnny football.

Number 4 coming next week.

Author: Dougy

Images from binaryapi.ap.org and balleralert.com

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