Coach Taylor Wins the Offseason

After skipping Coach Taylor’s franchise last week, I cooked through the offseason to get the team ready for the next season.The offseason went really well, a little too well. As mentioned I wanted another running back to help lighten the load for Jordan “Smash” Howard (He’s earned the nickname) Taylor sauced out some cheap contracts to power backs Eddie Lacy and Alfred Blue. The problem is that they both agreed to the contract and it is screwing up the salary cap, so I think one of them will be traded before the beginning of the season. I also signed veteran Allen Branch to help the D-line and bring a veterans mentality to a young football team.

The draft was also really good, as coach Taylor has quite the eye for talent. The big first rounder was this monster:


Will Deloach, a monster from Florida State that’s already an 81 rated. Thank God those Seminoles care more about football than education, they develop some good ole boys down there. With him and some vets on the D-line, I’m pretty excited for our defence next season. We also drafted a ton of hopeful role players such as a few wide receivers and in particular a left tackle out of UCF. This fucker is HUGE. 6 foot 7 and 329 pounds. Something about them Florida boys.

I will be taking a break from this segment for a few weeks, Coach Taylor has a busy offseason with scheming and minicamps. (DEFINITELY not because Madden 18 belongs to Sups and I won’t have access to it over winter break).
Author: Dougy

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