Rob Parker is the Biggest Cuck in Sports Media

Being home from college, I find myself spending my days productively dicking around and watching some different sports shows such as The Herd with Colin Cowherd, First Take, and Undisputed. In Undisputed in particular, this one little troll named Rob Parker keeps popping up. He is known for hating on Tom Brady and the Patriots, saying Tom Brady isn’t even close to the best QB of all time, which no matter what way you look at it, he is easily top 3 of all time. He seems to claim that every reason the Patriots win is only because they cheated, which is another stretch as they have not cheated to win every single Super Bowl no matter what way it is looked at. He even doesn’t give the Pats credit when they win fair and square, and seems to ignore that. I can sit there and shake quietly to myself, but not anymore.

Parker called James Harrison a traitor for signing with the New England Patriots yesterday. As if Harrison had chosen to be cut. But yeah, why wouldn’t Harrison sign with a team that will be done before 2018? And why wouldn’t Harrison sign with a shitty playoff team that will be out in the Wild Card round? Shame on him for signing to a true contender. Rob Parker is just butthurt that the Pats helped their roster and he couldn’t shit on them for it, so he takes aim to Harrison.

It’s funny, you’d think Rob Parker would love Brady and the Pats considering the only reason people know his name is because he built his career on Skip Bayless type of comments that are far-fetched and wrong about the Patriots. And now I speak to Rob Parker directly: don’t dare justify what the Pittsburgh Steelers did and blame this on James Harrison, and there is no problem with the Pats signing him, sorry they’re simply using a completely legal tactic to become a better football team using their brains. Can’t say the same for hometown Lions huh? Oh wait, they aren’t your team as you resigned over controversy from disrespecting coach Rod Marinelli’s son-in-law right? Smooth. We’re a pretty raunchy blog, but after seeing your rap sheet, it’s tough to say you should even be opening your mouth on any sports show.

Author: Dougy

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