All In On The Golden Knights

So the Christmas break hasn’t gone as planned…. The blog had the desire to post more than usual because we are all home from college and have all the time in the world. However, It had the opposite effect. Woody has been MIA and I find myself waking up at 1 in the afternoon and going to bed at 1 in the morning while playing video games in between. Doug is the only one has been posting lately so good on him.

Anyway considering my weird sleeping schedule and eating habits lately I find myself digging into the fridge late at night and surfing through the channels looking for something on TV. I usually find some movie or just some reruns of Archer. What I find on TV a lot late on the East Coast are all of the West Coast sporting events. For example I sometimes watch the Lakers play the Suns at night because they live on alien time or something out there. The other day I stumbled across a West Coast hockey matchup between the LA Kings and the Vegas Knights. First impressions of the game were “Surfers vs Gamblers” but damn was I wrong. It was one hell of a hockey game.

Game ended 3-2 with the Knights on top in OT, but what I took away from the game was that the Golden Knights are the real deal. I mean I’ve been keeping track of scores in the NHL and I’ve seen that the Knights have been kicking ass out West. They are leading the Pacific division and the western conference with a record of  25-9. You would think an expansion team, especially in Vegas, would suck and be an ultimate joke but Vegas has built a strong contender. The way they control the puck play is unbelievable. They make the shots and they control the game on their time which in hockey is damn hard to do. They’re resilient and dominating at the same time and have one of the deepest rosters in the league.

Overall this time surprised the hell out of me and they make me realize the great hockey teams out west. Minus the Coyotes, the Sharks and Kings are two formidable teams that the Knights just slide to the side like poker chips.  

Author: Sups

Photo: Pioneer Press

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