The Coaching Changes Set to Happen Tomorrow

At this point in the NFL season, usually there are a few coaching vacancies already heading into the offseason. The only true vacancy is the New York Giants who are rightfully taking their sweet time in hiring a new head coach, and rightfully so. For the first time in a while, all of the head coaches but one that had a job at the beginning of the season still have their jobs. But not for long. After the games are over today, there will be a few coaching vacancies in the NFL. Here are the teams I believe will be looking for the next Bill Belichick next week.

Indianapolis Colts: Ole Chucky P had his day in Indy. He had some success but after the alarmingly large drop off in 2015, the Colts just seem to get worse and worse. He was a nice story with his success after cancer, but this is a cut throat business. The Colts will be looking for a coach to rebuild and help Andrew Luck become a top 5 QB again.

Cincinnati Bengals: We all know how I feel about Marvin Lewis, hopefully the Bengals can make sure that clown gets out of there.

   Cleveland Browns: Hue Jackson couldn’t get a roster that had some talent off the ground, time to find a new coach yet again and see if some coach can get something figured out in that shitshow in Cleveland.

Chicago Bears: Maybe they won’t fire John Fox and see if he can build something with Mitch Trubisky, but who knows, John Fox seems to have lost a touch in coaching, but who knows.

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Dirk Koetter couldn’t take what seemed to be a talented roster to the hunt for the postseason, maybe he isn’t the right fit and they can get someone else to hone that talent the Bucs have.

Arizona Cardinals: Although Bruce is the player’s coach everyone talks so highly of, but the Cardinals seem to be a high powered plane that just can’t get off the runway. Hopefully Bruce can maybe retire and call it a career of coaching and the Cardinals can begin to rebuild.

There may be more that will happen, but that’s the fun of Black Monday, and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

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Author: Dougy

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