The Year After: TPA’s Plan For Great Success In The New Year

I’m not here to apologize nor I ever will be. In recent weeks The Point After took our company vacation, with the fearless leader himself building a plan to run the blog scene in the coming months. Although I shouldn’t be giving away my secrets, here is how things will change in 2018:

New Talent

Somehow this blog spearheaded by two idiots and their intern has found moderate success in this game, and sometimes the Wolfpack must grow. This began with a lone, ravishingly handsome wolf with an idea. This idea was a podcast(more on that later), but grew into something completely different. In typical fashion, this beloved idiot with a strong opinion on just about everything enlisted the help of the one woman that could make this farfetched dream come true. Dougy’s the peanut butter to my jelly, the Tery to my Aki and everything I could ever need in a VP. Just like that, it became more than just a lone wolf, but a degenerate duo who were missing one piece. Although I’d like to day Sups was the child of a long, passionate intern search but instead he was the closest and easiest option. Offering the New York to our Boston he provided a broader look to this below average team. After three months, we’ve looked into potential writers to bolster the pack. In the coming year you will see a few more full time writers with a few more interns to fill in the gaps. These new editions will most likely fill niche roles allowing us to stick to what we enjoy writing the most.


Image from Make a Meme

An Actual Blog Schedule?

Gone are the days of 1 a.m posts and days left blogless, with new hires and the old crew pushing on there will finally be a method to the madness at TPA headquarters. There will be a post about the schedule soon, and it will be slowly integrated as the year goes on. By February we should have the first batch of new writers and by then the schedule should be up and running. Don’t expect anything too high quality from this band of idiots though.

Specified Content

As I said earlier, new hires will provide a more broad outlook on all of sports. This blog will always be football focused, but we will be bringing people who actually know something about things outside of the gridiron. Basketball will likely be the first to come, with other areas soon after. With the content of this blog being mostly comedy driven, another goal is to get some borderline reporting for the new year. As stories break you should see more prompt posts, along with a possible look into the actual media world.

The Point After Podcast

Although the name is subject to change, a podcast hosted by Dougy and myself should be coming by summertime. This has been a goal of ours for sometime and will take a few months to figure out what the hell we’re doing. With weekly guests and interviews with the rest of the TPA staff, it should provide you readers with a more in depth look into the losers we really are. More on that coming soon.

In conclusion 2018 should be a big year for us. After starting in November we’ve found a loyal following in a short time set to grow quickly. All we can ask of you is to keep reading, commenting, sharing, and following us on Twitter at pointafterblog. The quickest way to grow is through social media, and you can find the link at the Twitter icon on the homepage. Happy New Year and here’s to twelve months of disappointment for all of you.

Author: Woody

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