Doug’s Playoff Picks for Each Game this Wild Card Weekend

The best time of the NFL season is here, the playoffs. The win or go home feel is in the air. With the Wild Card round set to start this weekend. The Wild Card weekend is important in a sense where you see some teams that are just happy to be there, and the ones who can actually make a deep playoff run. These are my hot takes for who will be playing in two weeks and who will be golfing at that time.

Titans v Chiefs: The Titans stumbled into the playoffs and although I don’t see the Chiefs going that far in the playoffs, they certainly are a better team than the Titans. Chiefs take the win at Arrowhead 27-13, and I’m being generous with the 13 points.

Bills v Jaguars: First off, congrats to the Bills for making the playoffs. Truly awesome to see. But as much as I’m a big fan of T-Mobile but he’s just a boneless Michael Vick. Lesean McCoy is a game-time decision for the Bills, and having literally one third of the offense out (it’s a real stat look it up) the Jaguars defense will be able to stop the cinderella Bills. 24-19 Jaguars.

Falcons v Rams: While the Rams look like maybe the most talented team in the playoffs, but perhaps the hottest take of the playoffs, I’m taking the Falcons over the Rams simply because the Falcons have experience in the playoffs and the Rams sat their starters which has proven to not look for teams who sit starters as is gives the starters rust. If the Falcons can get a solid lead in the beginning, the Rams might not be able to catch up. 34-31 Falcons.

Panthers v Saints: Although the Saints got the best of the Panthers twice this season, the teams are evenly matched. No team has ever beaten a team three times in a season before. If the Panthers can slow down Alvin Kamara, and I think their defense can, I don’t really know if Brees can sling them out of it like he used to. Kamara is the key to that offense, shut him down and I think Panthers can win it. Panthers 34-29.

I can’t wait for Wild Card weekend, and I can’t wait to do this throughout the playoffs.

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Author: Dougy

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