Is Having An Elite Quarterback Better Than Having A Bad One?

It’s about time we have a great quarterback with a name to accompany the fame. So many of the QB1’s in the NFL have admittedly boring names, with plenty of Matts, Toms, Bretts, and Ryans. It’s about time the crop of names for the most glorified position in sports gets cooler. Why can’t we have a Hall of Fame Hunter, or even a Jax. Name has so much to do with the success of a quarterback that if my last name wasn’t Woodcock I’d be on my way to Canton already.

Deshaun TD

Image from Reddit

Moving on to the point of this blog I’d like to talk about Deshaun Watson. I’ve always considered myself a stat guy,  I came across a very interesting one today, Reddit user “cbs1507” shared a graphic that couldn’t help but make me laugh. In just seven games, Houston’s rookie sensation threw for nineteen touchdowns. While most of these quarterbacks missed at least one game this year, it’s mind boggling to me that this bunch threw for just over one touchdown a game. Between Eli Manning and Joe Flacco alone you have three Super Bowl MVP’s, then if you throw in Winston and Mariota with Manning there’s three top two draft picks. What a fall from grace it was for this group. Now I’ll break down some X’s & O’s on what this really means for these teams.

  • While I’m not taking anything away from Watson’s run to start the year, he also lead the pack in INT Rate with 3.9%. He is a rookie so some of the blame is shifted to nerve, it’s something to look out for. That being said he was still one pace to lead the league in touchdowns, and he’s hilariously now tied with Brian Hoyer for the #4 spot on the Texans all-time TD passes list.
  • Mariota looked like a gazelle with vertigo and a bad shoulder running around the field this year and there’s no way around it. His ability to move out of the pocket means nothing if he can barely find the right man to hit on the field. Shaky at best play calling and a number of dropped passes higher than my tiny brain can compute doesn’t help his case. Either way he’s on a dark path to a career of mediocrity.
  • Tyrod Taylor is the outlier of this group in a few ways. Most of these gunslingers threw almost as Manny INT’s as they did TD’s, but Taylor lead the league with an interception rate of just 1%.  Regardless a Mariota/Taylor wild card game is the game none of us knew we needed.

In conclusion I’m admittedly a huge Watson stan. Even with the interception numbers being a drawback, he’s one of the few guys that looked exponentially better in the pro’s than he did in school. Pour one out for the Texan’s team doc who’s entire world is burning around him during performance review season.

Author: Woody


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