Camelot Closing? The Speculation of the Rift Between Kraft, Brady, and Belichick

The past two days have been flat out crazy if you are a New England Patriot fan. The reports that the heart of the kingdom will be falling apart in just months, with a reported rift between Robert Kraft, Bill Belichick, and Tom Brady. There’s many parts to this story and it gets quite complex. I’ve tried to break it down as best I can and give my opinion on the confusion in Foxboro.
An ESPN article came out by reporter Seth Wickersham, stating that basically the two big issues between the three were Belichick banning Tom Brady’s trainer Alex Guerrero, a man with a checkered past, from the Patriot’s facilities. Secondly was the issue of keeping 40 year old Tom Brady or start the Jimmy Garoppolo era in New England. The issue with Guerrero I feel is less of a big deal than it seems. I love Woody, but if he was being a dick to my (extremely talented) employer I’d tell him to dip as well. If Brady is truly hurt by the fact he has to walk a few hundred feet to get treated maybe he is a crybaby. I feel Brady may not be thrilled with Belichick’s call on this, but it’s really an issue to handle in the off-season.
The Garoppolo issue may be a real thing. Both Brady and Kraft have a very strong friendship that’s been well reported over the years, and if Belichick did want to move on from Brady, it wouldn’t be crazy if Kraft said no. It would make a lot of sense. For the record, Tom Brady is the best quarterback of all time, but would you rather have 3 more years of dominance, or 13? It’s simple math. I side with Bill on this one.
Sure, it’s something that could cause a rift between them. Brady knowing Belichick doesn’t want him and Belichick having someone above him show emotion in a roster move, something he’s never done. But here’s the deal: both men are extremely competitive and want to win games and win another Super Bowl. Do you really think Belichick would actually put his chase for rings and threaten to blemish his legacy by completely fucking over the entire Patriot’s roster? Would he leave a team that he got a second chance with in complete ruins? Set fire to the kingdom he help build? It’s extremely hard for me to believe he would want to tear down the franchise over being told no.
I’m sure there is some truth to all of this. No one goes 18 years without fighting, especially 3 alpha males. Is this really a story ESPN needs to break? I think the budget cuts are making them desperate. Hopefully this can give the team the fuel to take another Lombardi trophy home this February
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