What Happens When A Carr Can’t Perform In Tough Spots?

Here at the point after we love quarterbacks. Love to love them, love to hate them and truly love everything that comes with the QB1 name tag. With the regular season coming to a close, the next few days will be known as Quarterback week, and I’ve made it my mission to help you decipher who’s worth the hype. After last night’s look into Deshaun Watson’s success along with the plight of so many average shot callers, this morning brings us to the vehicle that drives Oakland to so little success. Derek Carr is being dragged on the internet due to his performance in big games so far in his young career. Against playoff teams, he’s amassed an outstandingly bad 4-17 record. Although I never count win/loss as a purely quarterback stat, more so driven by the play of the team as a whole I can’t help but blame Derek for these shortcomings.

In the seventeen losses he hasn’t exactly done a lot to help out his team with a 22-21 touchdown to interception ratio. So while wins might not be the stat to back the grief, bad performances over and over against good teams sheds some light onto the overrated player he really is. When I see Derek Carr play, he seems to be stuck in no-mans land as a quarterback. Good arm, decent mobility, average accuracy and field vision; a decent grasp on everything he should but not good enough at any one to cement his place into the NFL elite. On top of that, this past offseason he signed a $125 million dollar contract to make him the highest paid player by year in the NFL. I understand the pool of QB’s in the league has given anyone worth a damn a leverage against the team in negotiations, (insert Luck/Stafford jokes here) but he’s just not worth the demolition of Oakland’s cap space. Either way ion you’re a Carr hater, keep it up bubs. If you live in Oakland, I hope the housing market is good in Vegas.

Author: Woody

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