Why the Ford Fusion is the Most Underrated Ride of All Time

It seems that in society we love things flashy. We love the flashy athlete who roles up in a brand new Lamborghini with a watch and a suit that costs more than my life, a Cuban cigar in his mouth, and a model wearing nothing but a tight dress and maybe some fur coat if it’s chilly. It’s a nice thing to idolize and if you watch sports, you have to admire the flashy guy. But I think it’s about time the simple man gets some love. Why can’t we admire the guy who rolls up in his Ford Fusion with a wife who’s not quite a model but maybe 2 kids ago she was close to it, two kids in the back and waits to smoke a cigar outside of his fusion because there’s a no smoking rule in it.
It’s really a great car. Reasonably priced, 4 wheel drive, quite spacious, and SiriusXM for when you’re trying to bump the classics for your ride to the office. All of our dads here at the Point After Blog are proud owners of Ford Fusions, and every time it comes up we have nothing bad to say about the car.
When this blog takes off and we hit it big, no sports cars for me, I will take the Ford Fusion. Am I getting paid to say this? Absolutely not. But I don’t need money from Ford to tell the world what a quality car this is and how it needs more love (however I wouldn’t say no to some cash our way). So next time you see someone riding with a sports car, just remember they’re compensating for something, while a simple man with a Fusion isn’t insecure about anything.

Image from Ford.com


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