Breaking News: Bill Belichick Isn’t Going Anywhere

After a wild week full of hit pieces and fake news, Robert Kraft came out and confirmed that the Sith Lord is here to stay at least until the 2018 season. With the story coming from Peter King of MMQB via TheScore, Kraft gave a few comments regarding the ESPN story about New England’s big three of owner, coach, and quarterback. First commenting on Belichick’s longevity with the team, the owner stated the five-time Super Bowl winning coach will “absolutely” be with the team through next year. I’ve spent the few hours trying to wrap my head around how this could at all be a shock to someone. Why in the world would this guy go anywhere anytime soon? Do you think ol’ Billy is one to care about his age? Both of these questions have very simple answers that any right minded individual can surely work out on their own. The Patriots owner commented further on his coach, stating “When you’re lucky enough to have someone exceptional, you let them do their job and you get out of the way”. Couldn’t have said it better myself, and to this day any iteration of the “do your job” catchphrase in New England remains the peak of Patriots Porn.

Following his thoughts on Belichick, Kraft moved on to the controversial Jimmy Garoppolo trade. According to the ESPN story from Seth Wickersham, Kraft “ordered” Belichick to make the trade before the deadline, and that the leak came from a reliable source. I’m not here to say nobody in this orginazition has ever told a lie, but is the owner himself not the most reliable source? Kraft called the ESPN coverage of the Garoppolo trade as nothing but “total fabrication and fiction”. According to the owner he had shared no discussions with his coach regarding the backup quarterback trade until the October 30th deadline. When Belichick brought him the 49ers offer, he simply asked him to sign off on the trade. To put the cherry on top of this all, when Peter King took these comments to the author of the original ESPN story, Wickersham claimed “absolutely stand by” his story…

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What an absolute buffoon this Weinershine character is. With ratings plummeting for ESPN, I understand them clinging for dear life to the one thing that will always get them clicks. The Patriots will always put asses in seats and you, your momma, and your momma’s momma all know that. Long live the Patriots, praise to the GOAT and with all of my heart, fuck ESPN.

Link to TheScore”s article:

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