Breaking News: Chiefs Blunder a Playoff Game

The Kansas City Chiefs had everything going for them this time yesterday. They had home field advantage against the severely struggling Titans. The Titans were so bad in fact, that there were even rumors that Tennessee will fire their head coach if they have a rough game in Arrowhead. For three quarters, this is what looked like was to happen. But the Titans came back from being down 21-6 to steal a win 22-21. What an unbelievable blunder by the Kansas City Chiefs. They honestly should be ashamed that they represent the great state of Missouri this way. To play a team with an iffy coach, an iffy quarterback, and an overall mediocre team the way they played it really shows that this team is honestly a joke. I’m a little speechless I can’t lie.

So what does this mean? Alex Smith is probably done in Kansas City. Mahomes’ time is coming up. Is Andy Reid’s job in question? Probably. I’d like to think we are a pretty pro Andy Reid blog, but he just can’t win a big game. Look for a big move coming in Kansas City in the next few days. Tough go for Andy, but business is business.

Bottom line I probably would have to stay in bed for a week if I was a Chiefs fan. I can see losing last year to the Steelers as they are a good team and the Chiefs stayed competitive. Even losing to the Patriots two year ago was understandable, but the Tennessee Titans? What an embarrassing loss. Congrats to the Titans and enjoy your last win of the season.

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