It’s Official: Jon Gruden is Back in Business

Maybe the most exciting, most passionate coach in NFL history is back. It’s official, Jon Gruden is officially the head coach of the Oakland Raiders. Congrats to coach Gruden from all of us here at the Point After Blog. I’m going to miss him in the booth talking about everyone he has watched film on and especially Gruden’s QB camp. I think Jon Gruden can really help Derek Carr and I think the two are a good fit together. Especially since the Raiders are moving to Vegas soon, this is a good hire to keep fans interested in their Oakland Raiders and will also help to fill some seats in Vegas.

I do have some problems with this hiring though. Gruden is a very intelligent guy and a great coach. But it’s not like Bill Walsh has risen from the dead here. $100 million over 10 years? This makes him the highest paid coach in the NFL. The fact that the Raiders were a playoff team a year ago and Mark Davis decided to take a page out of his old man’s book and fire Jack Del Rio after one year to fire the flashiest coach in sports. How very Al Davis. I like the move and it looks good on paper. But Davis is handing Gruden a lot of expectations that if Gruden has one bad year, he’s on the hot seat.

I definitely think this can go well for the Raiders and I do think Gruden will do a heck of a job. I truly don’t think he would come out of retirement for any team, he wanted the perfect situation. Best case scenario, Gruden can make Carr worth the money he’s getting paid and become one hell of a team for years to come. Worst case scenario, three years down the road Gruden isn’t coaching up to par and ends up on Mark Davis’ food stained shit list. No matter though, now that Jon Gruden is at the helm, it’s going to be a fun ride.

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