Tide Keeps Rolling in Win for National Title

The Alabama Crimson Tide are on top of the college world once again, head coach Nick Savannah tied Bear Bryant’s record of 6 National Titles last night. But damn, what an emotional game. Bama came in heavily favored against the Georgia Bulldogs, who did not die easy. Georgia actually took control, and went in with swagger at half time up 13-0. But Bama came storming back, taking out Jalen Hurts and putting in freshman Tua Tagovailoa, and it’s safe to say that the Hawaiians are back in football. Tagovailoa led the Crimson Tide comeback and won in overtime 26-23.
A few takeaways from this game as there was so much more to it: first, Bama can never be counted out of games like this no matter what. They’re too talented and too well coached. Woody and I both agreed that Bama couldn’t be counted out, but just as I was beginning to lose faith in Bama, Woody saw it happen. Calling it in the third quarter with the score at 20-7, Woody said “this is a game Bama is just not losing”. Legendary. Slowly the momentum shifted to Bama, who would take the win. Seriously amazing call, Woody never lost faith in Bama.
Secondly, congrats to Georgia who played an amazing game and almost won it. But they did nothing to keep the momentum and Fromm showed how he’s just a freshmen. I love Jake Fromm and think he has done an amazing job. As good as any freshmen quarterback and it will be fun to watch him grow and get better. But on the biggest stage, where he played extremely well, he seemed to miss open throws and showed his immaturity to not be able to come through in the clutch. Fromm will indeed be back, and will be better with some age. If he consistently gets better he will be as good as a fine wine
Bama’s kicker almost lost the right to have someone else do his homework. Andy Pappanastos missed the game winning kick and almost squandered what literally everyone had been fighting towards. Luckily his young freshmen QB bail him out, but he’s lucky he won’t be stoned when he returns to Bama.
It was really An amazing game with plenty of story lines. From small plays that seemed to shift the momentum, and others when that Bama player punching his coach in the face. There was no shortage of stories and action. At the end of the day, Bama was the better team and refused to let this one slip on themselves. Great coaching and maybe some experience ended up securing the National Title for Alabama.
Although I was rooting for Georgia, I will forever admire Alabama and their powerful program. It’s simply a must for a Pats fan, so congratulations to the Alabama dynasty, the Patriots of College football.

Image from Houston Chronicle


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