Doug’s Divisional Round Playoff Picks

Wild Card Weekend has come and gone and now the real competitors for the Lombardi trophy remain. I was 2-4 in picking my winners for games last week, and I’ve never heard anyone complaining about a ball player batting .500, so I guess you could say that I’m an expert. Here are my Divisional Round picks for this weekend.

Falcons v Eagles: I think this game is going to be a close one even though the Falcons are heavily favored. I almost picked the Eagles to upset the Falcons in one of those flukey games. I have a gut feeling the Eagles will in. But the Falcons are playing so damn good right now, I have to go against my better judgement and pick the Falcons 23-16.

Titans v Patriots: I know the Pats are heavily favored. Yes they will win, but don’t expect a total blow out. The Titans have a strong running game, and the Pats have a weak run defense. That will be the only shot the Titans will have. Pats 35-18.

  Jaguars v Steelers: The Jaguars have the defense to upset the high powered Steeler offense. I just don’t think the Jaguar offense can score 20 points. They put up 10 on the Bills who aren’t as good at the Steelers, and Blake missed some big throws. If they play the same way it won’t look good for the Jaguars. 21-10.

Saints v Vikings: So excited for this game. If anyone in the NFC can slow down the Saints’ offense it’s the Vikings defense. If the defense can do its thing and if Keenum and the offense can put up around 20 points, the Vikings can be playing in the NFC Championship. Vikings 23-21.

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