LaVar Ball Needs to Keep his Mouth Shut before Lonzo is Out in L.A.

Usually I’m a big football guy. Love everything about it and have an opinion on everything about it. I’ve been really loving basketball lately as well and have been following it closely. But basketball fan or not, it’s hard to not have an opinion on LaVar Ball. I want to start by saying I do admire some attributes about the father of the Laker’s point guard. He’s obviously a very smart marketer and an enthusiastic business man (an attribute in which this company was started on). I truly think that Lonzo Ball definitely got helped in the marketing department before the draft and even after the draft. LaVar bullied his way for his son to join the Lakers and made sure he came up in every daytime sports debate show. Very well done by LaVar.
But I, like many others, think this guy is a fucking nutcase. Beating MJ one-on-one? His son being better than Steph Curry? Literally too stupid to argue. But the one thing that triggered me is the way he talks about Laker’s coach Luke Walton. LaVar has been saying that Luke “lost the team” and other shots inferring that Luke Walton is an incapable coach. Wow. There’s so many things to say that I will try and stay organized and keep it as brief as possible.
First of all, this is literally how you get your son out of the spotlight of Los Angeles. Keep talking like anyone gives a shit in the Laker’s facilities what the hell your opinion is. Yes you’re a big name In not only sports, but the world right now. But this is the National Basketball Association. This isn’t college and high school where you can bully around people into getting what you want. If any front office in the NBA cared what you thought you would have a front office job right now. But you don’t because not only does anyone care, but you’re just a gassed up annoying AAU dad LaVar.
Side point: isn’t it funny that LaVar didn’t get along with his son LaMelo’s high school coach? An the same thing about LiAngelo at UCLA? That’s funny. Now with an incompetent Laker’s coach it seems that the quality of coaching has gone dramatically down recently.
Secondly: LaVar has apparently never been allowed into a Laker practice. So how would he know that Luke Walton is losing his team and no one wants to play for him? Two theories: either he made it up or Lonzo told him. Yikes. This can really bite Lonzo in the ass. I was a pretty well respected kid my senior year on the lacrosse team. Coaches liked me, had a lot of friends on the team. But if my dad went rambling on about how my coach was losing the team (hypothetically cause no one would care, we’re a D3 town) I’d immediately lose all the respect I had. This could be the case for Lonzo. I doubt Lonzo told him but damn how else would he know? It’s not like LaVar to ramble on bullshit.
This father of an NBA rookie is causing so much destruction that Lonzo is becoming not worth the B.S. If Kobe’s dad rambled on about the same shit LaVar was saying, no one would say anything because Kobe is one of the best players of all time. Lonzo is no where near that. He seems like a good building block that you can finally rebuild the Lakers with. But they can find someone else pretty quick (via trade for Lonzo) if Lonzo’s dad is starting to write checks his son can’t cash. If LaVar breaks the chemistry of the Lakers with the running of the mouth he’s got going on, look for Lonzo to be moved. He’s not worth the absolute disgusting disrespect that LaVar Ball is handing out on top of his imaginary throne.
At the end of the day, he’s just a player’s dad and means nothing. He has no say in the organization. Micheal Rapaport said it right on yesterday’s showing of Colin Cowherd’s “The Herd”. I’d LaVar keeps this up show him nothing but complete and utter disrespect. Because if he doesn’t respect you as a coach, and it’s something you probably worked on your whole life, you should show him no respect as a man.

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