James Franco Accused of Sexual Misconduct

We’re a big sports blog here at TPA. Usually only sticking with sports news, but one thing caught my eye sent to us by our intern. James Franco is being accused of sexual harassment by some of his student actresses. After being interested in the topic and decided to research it myself (All of this info is from a singular LA Times article), Franco is facing accusations of exploitation of these women.


Yikes. Now I’m not saying this is okay. In no way is it right what James Franco did. If these prove to be true, it’s truly disgusting and he should be punished. But c’mon, are we saying that we didn’t think James Franco wasn’t crazy enough to do something like this? He seems that kind of Hollywood crazy to do such a thing. We’re a pro-Franco blog here at TPA (Unless of course he is found guilty), but he definitely is weird enough to do some crazy stuff. Like if I saw him at an underground club where there’s people walking around in capes and they are drinking glow in the dark drinks with questionable ingredients, I wouldn’t be surprised. So in a way I’m not surprised, but I’m definitely surprised.
I hope all works out for everyone. I hope he will be punished accordingly if these are found true.

Image from buzzfeed.com and latimes.com

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