Jaguars Stun Steelers. Steelers Now Laughing Stock of NFL

Wow, I guarantee you not a single person thought the Jacksonville Jaguars would be heading to 1 Patriot Place for the AFC Championship. First of all, congrats to the Jaguars. What a season they’ve had to this point, and Shad Khan’s mustache is probably stretching from ear to ear with the big smile he’s got right now. But I would like to talk about the Pittsburgh Steelers for a little bit.

If I was a Steelers fan, from Pittsburgh, or knew a person associated with the Steelers, I would be embarrassed and ashamed. Not in their play, they actually had quite a game never giving up and always battling. But what fucking idiots running their mouths about beating the Patriots in New England (or hell or Haiti) and yet they could not beat the Jaguars in their own stadium. What a laughable team. This is why TPA needs that NFL media pass so we can ask the hard-hitting questions like why Bell and Mitchell were moronic enough to open their mouths like that. So undisciplined. You would think a coach would get control and tell his team to shut their mouths and play the game ahead and not look to a fictional playoff game. But what do you expect from a coach with drool on his beard? I mean not one of his players could help him out and tell him? That just shows the level of respect he’s got in that locker room. It’s sad to say, as I’m a big Tomlin guy, but it seems he has lost his team.

Secondly, can Todd Haley be banned from the NFL yet? What horrible play calling from him ESPECIALLY on 4th down. When it’s 4th and inches and you have a tall and pudgy quarterback and one of the best backs in the league and you decide to pitch it five yards behind the line of scrimmage against the league’s best run defense? What an actual idiot. Plus if it didn’t work the first time, it won’t work the second time.

Lastly, could this be Big Ben’s last game? Who knows. He’s more confusing then when Brett Favre was retiring. Accept that Brett Favre is a much more likable dude. Big Ben is just a pudgy guy with a good arm.

So focusing to next week, I really think Pats fans shouldn’t look at this game as a cake walk. Sure, Bortles isn’t great. But their defense is superb and they have a great running game. This could definitely be a hard fought game, but I’m sure Bill is already onto Jacksonville. As much as I’m enjoying the divisional playoffs, as a Pats fan, let’s. Fucking. GOOO.

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