Josh McDaniels Expected to be Colts Next Head Coach

We are known at this blog for being big Pats fans. What little people know about our company’s VP is I’m also a Colts guy. I keep it lowkey, as fans in New England don’t respect it to say the least. But since I don’t follow college ball too much, I like to watch certain players in college ball. One of them happened to be Stanford’s Andy Luck. No one thought he’d ever be a Colt as Peyton was still there. But he became a Colt and I love rooting for him and the Colts when the Pats aren’t on/ won’t be affected.
There wasn’t much to write about for the Colts, it was a rough year with Patriot alum Jacoby Brissett doing what he could to tank for the future but also make himself look like a starter in this league.
Now reports come that Josh McDaniels will be the next head coach of the struggling Colts. I think it’s an obvious good thing and will do nothing but help Andrew Luck. But that’s not all. The Colts need to rebuild and fast. With a lot of the salary cap going into Andrew Luck’s contract thanks to the lunatic owner, McDaniels will need to look into the draft to start the rebuild.
The best way to rebuild is on the defensive side and in this day and age you need a pass rush. The Colts could draft Bradley Chubb who’s a durable pass rusher that is fast enough to chase down guys like Marcus Mariota and Deshaun Watson. They also could go offense and get Saquan Barkley to help balance out the offense and help McDaniels create an offense in his image. Hopefully he doesn’t screw up these picks like he did in Denver.
I think this is a good hire for the Colts. And I’m sure Irsay’s celebrating with a few lines for the new era of the Colts to begin. However. Everyone remembers what happened in Denver, so hopefully we can see a wiser Josh McDaniels.

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