Viking Sail onto Philly in Unreal Fashion

Holy hell. I can honestly say I don’t think there’s been a better game of football in my entire life. Wow. I can’t even believe it.
What a game. Absolutely a shootout and a great job by the Saints who played their asses off. But wow. I called this a few weeks back and I still think the Vikings look destined. Their defense is banged up. And next week will be a dog fight with the Eagles in a battle of good defense and blue collar quarterbacks.
It’s hard not to root for two quarterbacks that have been bet against their whole career. Hard not to love it.
Case was not only unreal in that game, but in his post game interview with Fox sport’s interview with Chris Myers. “I don’t even know right now.” Unreal. He also said it was not the best day of his life, saying it was the day he married his wife. If this dude wasn’t getting laid before that statement, he sure as hell is now. Ride on Case, ride on.
As sweet as that game was, it’s time to focus on the Eagles. Time for the Vikings to lick their wounds with their big injuries in this game and get back at it.

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