Blake Bortles Is A National Treasure

I’ll never be able to find the right words to describe my love for Blake Bortles and I’m perfectly fine with that. A 2015 interview with Barstool Sports’ “The Life” series recently resurfaced and I can assure you it’s comedic gold. The reporter posed a relatively standard question, asking the Jaguars quarterback what he would do be doing if not playing football. What did Blake respond you may ask? With a short but endlessly sweet reply Bortles answered, “Working construction, rippin’ cigs”. If I wasn’t a Patriots diehard it wouldn’t be hard to pick the Jags by a million this Sunday just based on the the man slinging the pigskin.

Continuing on into the “MTV Cribs” style house tour/interview Bortles continued on to engage in some mild flirting, try to show the woman asking the questions his “sweet scooter”, as well as brainstorm the next great touchdown celebration with a breastfeeding motion. Is Blake Bortles elite? Probably not but he is officially The People’s Quarterback and I will back that to my death. Long live Blake, construction workers turned QB1’s, and cigarettes?

Author: Woody

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