Doug’s Championship Game Picks

So maybe the wildest Divisional Round weekend has come and gone. Despite everything, ya boy is still shooting 50% so I’m still keeping my guru title in tact. Now I try and bump this to 100%

Jaguars v Patriots: As much as people may think this is a blowout in the waiting, I really wouldn’t count the Jaguars out. A good pass rush has always been a Patriot killer in the postseason. Usually though, the quarterback that goes along with the pass rush is pretty good too. Blake isn’t bad, but I will question his efficiency, especially in Foxboro. It will be a low scoring affair, but expect the Pats to come out on top. 21-12 Pats.

Vikings v Eagles– The Battle of the Backup Quarterbacks/Jeff Fisher’s Quarterbacks are taking place in Philadelphia. Case Keenum and Nick Foles will be under a microscope, but the real show is these two defenses. I’m going with what I saw last week, the Eagles’ defense with a struggling offense and a great Vikings defense with an offense that can get the job done. Vikings will have to gut it out, but I’m taking them in this one 20-16.

Can’t wait for this Sunday, all of my new college work will be taking a back seat from the hours of 3-10 this Sunday. Let’s go.

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