It’s Official: Aaron Rodgers and Danica Patrick are Dating

Perhaps the biggest sports news that isn’t actual sports is the new relationship of Packers QB Aaron Rodgers and race car driver Danica Patrick. Patrick just confirmed these rumors on For the Win and love is in the air.

First, I’m happy for Aaron. Although in my personal opinion Rodger’s ex-girlfriend Olivia Munn is quite attractive, my mother taught me to look on the inside of a woman. It seems that Rodgers and Patrick do have their own type of fun together. According to MSN Sports, they do a number of hobbies together. They “like to read books and like to play games together.” Yikes. It seems outside of their sports both are quite boring people if these hobbies are true. I bet playing games have to be code for something. Who knows what type of freak show the pair run when they’re alone.

I do think Danica Patrick is right for Rodgers, because although Munn was attractive, she definitely was crazy if you look at the hot/crazy scale. Hopefully Danica is more Rodgers’ speed. As happy as I am for themthey’re pretty damn boring. I really hope for both of their sake that when Danica Patrick said they like to play games that it was just a poor excuse for sex all the time.

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