Should The Eagles Be Allowed to go To The Super Bowl?

Last night, the Philadelphia Eagles beat the Minnesota Vikings in the NFC Championship and earned a trip to the Super Bowl. It’s always thought of as nice to see a city who hasn’t had a big history of winning have a shot at the Super Bowl. But I speak for the rest of the country outside the city of brotherly love: is it safe to have any Philadelphia team in any sports championship at all?
These fans climbed up greased up poles, wore dog masks while they started fires in the street, and even rode a dune buggy up Rocky Steps. Maybe worst of all, a video from Barstool Sports showed a man saying that Tom Brady was a “bitch” and that he was going to do unspeakable things to New England’s First Lady.
I’m not judging either. We’ve all done crazy things for our sports teams. I got a football thrown at my nuts because I agreed to it if the Pats came back in the Super Bowl say year. But these Philly fans. I’m not saying they could take over the world, but if they organized, they might be able to conquer the East Coast.
This isn’t just the World Series or the NBA finals, this is the Super Bowl. Way more on the line for this one. So I propose from hear on our if the Eagles simply make it to the championship after a long drought like this, we give them some sort of participation trophy. The risk of loss of human life is too great to let them go any further.

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