The Pats Are Back in The Super Bowl!

There’s no way any of us true Pats fans of this generation will live past the age of 65 with the way the New England Patriots play with our hearts. It’s actually ridiculous to think this is their 10th Super Bowl, and eighth under the Brady/Belichick era. What an insane game and another reason why they are the best team in the league, no matter how the Super Bowl turns out.

Tom Brady had stitches in his hand all game, and his hand got more coverage than when OJ tried on the murder glove. For 15 minutes in the pregame, we got to hear Tony Romo analyze every time a muscle moved in Tom Brady’s hand. All I would say is don’t play a drinking game where the rules are that everytime Brady’s hand is mentioned, take a shot.

But onto the game: The Jag’s defense lived up to what we were all scared of, holding the Pats to just 10 points throughout 3 quarters. But Brady and his excellence, battling through so much adversity with the Gronk out with a hit that knocked his brain out of his skull. But Brady and the Patriots managed to score two TDs in the 4th quarter. Just Brady being Brady.


It’s a great win, but we all know we are on to the Super Bowl, we have to start preparing now. In Bill we trust.

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