The XFL Is Back

I’m not sure how in tune the readers of this painfully average sports blog are with the intricacies of the blog life, but it’s a hard lifestyle to sustain. If you don’t believe me ask every twenty-something year old in Manhattan with a food blog why finding the right gluten-free bread for their avocado toast can be so tough in these trying times. Here at The Point After we’re not exactly the poster-children of consistency with our writing, both in frequency and quality. As I’m writing this it is a little more clear that our quality is pretty much leveling out as talentless, but every once and while there’s a few winners mixed into the madness. Post consistency is hard enough with a thousand story lines flying from all angles in the regular season, but trying to sustain a football driven blog in the two weeks before the Super Bowl has the TPA team in a pretzel. Good things come to those who wait, and the football gods sent us a true gift this morning.

Football fans lord and savior Vince McMahon has returned to bring us helmet-to-helmet, sky-cam, triple-X cheerleader loving diehards the league we all deserve. This news was leaked a month or two ago when WWE owner McMahon sold 3.34 million shares of the WWE to found Alpha Entertainment, a company meant to develop the XFL’s return. All great companies start with great names, and the XFL couldn’t have a better parent company than Alpha if they tried. More news will be announced today, but I’d like to break down my wishlist for the new NFL with all of you readers.

XFL Deathblow

Image from Wall Street Journal

More approachable ownership: Part of the NFL’s problem stems from the stark difference between the average fan and the owners of their prized teams. Although a different discussion completely, this league offers the opportunity to bring some of the people’s people into leading roles. You would be lying if you didn’t want to see Sean “P Diddy” Combs and President Trump in opposing owners boxes with Ciroc and Trump branded jerseys adorned on the players. Beloved Indianapolis Colts legend and current Barstool employee Pat McAfee has expressed interest in owning a team, and the opportunities are endless from there on.  

  • A Holyland for your favorite NFL busts: People forget former AQBOW Tommy Maddox was an XFL MVP, do you see Joe Montana or Tom Brady with one of those in the trophy cabinet? No, but there’s nothing more in the world than I want than the thought of a Dr. Dre owned Los Angeles Legalizations team, spearheaded by a dynamic offensive trio of Johnny Maziel, Ricky Williams, and Josh Gordon. What about a Birmingham Bibles team with player/owner Tim Tebow praying his way to a championship, and in that championship they play the Portland Protests lead by Colin Kaepernick? I want all of these guys and more to get the second, third, fourth, and as many other chances as humanly possible in the XFL.

All of this and more could be soon to come, and I hope you’re all as excited as I am.

Author: Woody

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