Tom vs Time Premiered Yesterday and it was Everything I Wanted

We’ve all been seeing the commercials all over Facebook and Instagram about the new documentary about Tom Brady called Tom vs. Time. I got to watch it yesterday just hours after it premiered on Facebook Watch (some free advertising there). If you haven’t seen it, let me just tell you, the previews on social media were just the foreplay. The first episode was only 15 minutes long, but boy was it a great fifteen minutes. Everything I expected and more.

The first thing I noticed was that in TB12’s office, (let’s just call it the oval office of New England) he keeps the suspension letter he received in a binder. Talk about having a chip on your shoulder. He will use that for motivation until he dies.

Getting to see how Tom Brady trained was unbelievable. Vigorous workouts that I doubt NFL players ever do. The one thing that caught my eye was the massages he gets. I have never seen such an intense massage in my life and would pay a pretty penny to receive one one just to see how it feels. It also got me thinking that if he’s getting these violent rubdowns to make him flexible all the time, he must be elastic man in the bed, further proving his greatness and brings another argument to the question of who the reacher and settler is between Gisele and Tom.

Speaking of Gisele, she made a few appearances as seen in the previews. Say what you want but she is VERY supportive of Tom. She is 100% one of those wives who cares more about the game than maybe Tom does. The scene where she is comforting Brady after the Chiefs opener you can hear the passion in her voice. That’s the type of girl you want to wife up. Good for you Tommy Boy.

I can’t wait for episode 2, hell I’ll probably blow off my studies and watch the first one again.

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