Things to Think About when Waiting for the Super Bowl

It’s a long two weeks for football fans. Especially for the two fan bases, the wait for the Super Bowl is almost unbearable. The build up of the game makes fans think about every outcome to the game trying to reassure themselves of their teams win. This surely isn’t a healthy thing to do, building up the stress over a two week period. So forget the game for a little bit, there’s nothing you can do to help, so think of some things to occupy your time with: here’s a few for starters.
Michael Jackson switching races. I want to start by saying I’m not entirely sure what happened. I’ve heard rumors that MJ had a skin disease of some sort. But either way it’s something to think about. Like it doesn’t get talked about enough, the king of pop changed genders. Like when he’s at the doctor and they ask if anything has changed, he has to say “yeah my race” and check a different box. I doubt that is a regular thing to do and something I feel need to be talked about more.

Why don’t more people want to work at Taco Bell? It’s honestly a great gig. Every time I’ve been there no one working seems to be under that much stress. You can get a discount on food. I also doubt it’s hard to deal with customers, especially since you’re dealing with stoners and college kids all day. It seems like a laid back gig, but I never saw any of my friends apply to Taco Bell and why not? It can’t be bad.
Why do humans deserve dogs?The age old question. We are for sure a pro dog blog and everyone knows dogs just want to love and adore their owners. When you hear about mistreatment of dogs it’s no mystery that it breaks your heart. Quite sad. So why do humans get to enjoy the company of dogs? It’s not like the human race is made up of good people. If anything, dogs deserve to be the owners of us.
I hope this helps everyone really struggling this week awaiting for the Super Bowl. I want to help my fellow football fans get through it.

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