NFL Sponsorship Coming Soon?

This week has been a madhouse at the The Point After HQ and I’d like to break down some of the happenings for all the loyal fans. This month has been fantastic for the company, with an ad deal coming soon and a large uptick in readership we’ve been looking to the future to build on what very, very small success we’ve had. As a football based blog the NFL is not only our passion but the only reason this blog was founded in the first place, needless to say the guys upstairs are the big fish circling our highly underpowered, yet possibly undervalued rods (pun very much intended). All of our farfetched dreams got a little bit closer the other day when a certain Twitter account decided to give us a mention.

Now look we’re reasonable guys here for the most part, does this look like an automated tweet sent out to the masses hyping up a Pro Bowl that, honestly, could use a few more viewers? Yes, but all of our personal twitters follow such an account and no tweets were sent at those. Here’s how I, the oh-so humble President, CEO, CFO, lead writer, Human Resources Representative, Captain of Company Morale, winner of at least one Fortnite game, God of all things The Point After see this tweet; big brother likes what they see. Could the tweet have been sent from the same slimy, stumpy fingers of Roger Goodell that issued our Lord and savior Tom Brady a four game suspension at the start last season? All signs point to yes, especially after we’ve been trying to obtain our NFL Media Pass. I’m a man of my word, so I will not abandon my deep, passionate hate for the current Commissioner of this great league. I mean here’s a picture of me at a Patriots parade:

Goodell Hitler

All that being said, a media pass for the league that enables us to create the content that we love to would be an enormous stepping stone for a young media company such as ours. So to whoever over at the NFL is overlooking our credentialing process, give TPA some love. Long live The Point After, follow us on twitter, and God Bless the New England Patriots this Sunday.

Author: Woody


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