Tom vs Time Episode 2 Reaction

Episode 2 of Tom Brady’s documentary aired a few days ago and while I can’t lie it started a little slow, it picked up in a hurry.
The first five minutes showed TB12 and Julian Edelman working out in California and while it was cool, it seemed to be just 5 minutes of taking up space. The episode picked up quickly though and we got to see literal hatred in Tom’s eyes when he watched film on the Giants ‘07 Super Bowl (a hatred I feel I share with him). It was also cool to see him talk about different schemes with OC Josh McDaniels and made me think you’re only getting 5 hours max of sleep if you’re Brady’s coach.
Lastly I would like to say there was some nice scenes of Tom and his kids, and I hope to see more of his kids in the series as it’s nice to see him as a dad and there is nothing wrong with his kids either, they seem very well behaved. (Fuck you Alex Reimer).
I’m already waiting for episode 3, hopefully it will keep me distracted throughout Super Bowl week and avoid the panic attacks.
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