Alex Smith Traded to Redskins, Receives Bucket-load of Money in Trade

With the Super Bowl just days away, two teams that never seem to be in the spotlight at this point in the NFL season have managed to weasel their way via a trade. In an irregularly early move, the Chiefs traded QB Alex Smith to the Washington Redskins for a third round draft pick and cornerback Kendall Fuller. So it seems the Pat Mahomes era has officially begun in Kansas City, and this blog was just a dream at the time, so I never got to publicly claim my love for Pat Mahomes. I think he’ll bring some good things to the game and a lot of exciting Brett Favre-like plays.

I want to really tear apart this complete shit show of a franchise in D.C. I’m not sure if Dan Snyder just lets his GMs play Russian roulette with quarterbacks or maybe he just likes media attention on who will be his team’s starting quarterback as opposed to attention on his team’s name. I don’t understand why he didn’t want to sign a younger quarterback who saved his ass after the RG3 experiment failed and saved his franchise from having to hit restart on his franchise. And then he signs a 33 year old who is past his prime to a 4 year deal with $71 million guaranteed. $71 million. I’m not sure why this team likes to light money on fire when it comes to quarterbacks. I’m not sure if they think Alex Smith can lead them to a Super Bowl birth but if I had to guess, I’d expect Redskin fans can sit back, relax and enjoy seeing their team’s logo in the “in the hunt” column for the next four years.

As for Kirk Cousins, this may be the best move for him as now he can sit back and watch money pour in from good teams who are in desperate need for a QB. But who knows, maybe Washington will want to tag Cousins for a third straight year because why not, right?

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