Tom v Time Reaction Blog #3

Best. Episode. Yet. I finally got caught up on everyone’s favorite Facebook documentary. Starting out in the hills of Montana, the episode opens up with our heroes, Tom, Jules, and Dola doing some workouts in the middle of the woods. I can’t lie I did consider dropping out of school just to wander the Montana wildlife just to find this place. Quaint yet beautiful. But there was a few things that stuck out, first was the relationship between Brady and Edelman. They kind of bitched each other out a few times about running in what seemed the blistering heat. Of course Brady had his posse there (Alex Guillermo and some other dude) who yelled at Jules and told him he shouldn’t bitch about running and another scene where they all yelled at Edelman for weight lifting as well. I don’t want to sound partial to Jules, but I kind of am. I mean, how could you not love him? I even have a framed jersey that’s signed by Edelman in my basement I got for Christmas once (shoutout to the girlfriend).

I don’t want to say that Brady was in the wrong, but it was cool to see that Brady gets some shit too. Made him a little more human and I’m a firm believer in a little friction on a team. It keeps the juices flowing and everyone on their toes. Obviously too much friction is bad, but the Pats have it figured out.

Other than that I still love seeing Tom in the house with his kids and see this Boston God as a human. My only complaint, let’s get Gisele in hear, we all want to hear what the queen of New England has to say. Hopefully they’ve cut out the parts of Gisele talking concussions and retiring before they air interviews with her.

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