Tom v Time Episode 4 Review

The episodes are coming in hot for Tom vs Time. I got what I wished for this episode, a little more Gisele time and she was as darling as ever. I just loved the beginning when Tom was upset about an apparent loss quite a few years ago, a home video Gisele took, and Tom just seemed happy to be with his wife and child. Adorable. Always love to see MY first family together.

I also thought it was cool watching Tom watch some film and see how focused he was. But a lot of this was focused on his kids. There was a scene of one of his kids asking for a toy that was $70 and Brady said there’s a lot of chores coming his way in exchange. It’s good to know that his kids aren’t rich little shits. Great parenting from a great quarterback.

Lastly, I was glad to finally see Brady on game day after a win. The last few episodes were all watching Tom after a loss. Like we get it, he hates losing. But it was great to finally see how relaxed he is after a win.

I’m not sure how many more episodes are left, but I’m pumped for the remaining ones

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